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Here at Fearless we offer training for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Regardless of whether they are Youth, High School, College or Pro; our coaches can specifically train for you.

Our program is designed to meet the specific needs of an athlete for performance enhancement and injury prevention. 

These workouts will give you the strength, speed, agility, mental toughness, and metabolic conditioning to compete at the highest level of all athletics. 

Types of Training Offered

  • 1 on 1 (Athlete & Coach)

  • Small Group (2-4 With a Coach)

  • Teams (10 +) 

       Our Training Programs Will Improve:

  • Muscular Strength to Decrease Injury Potential & Increase Power Output

  • First Step Explosion to “get to the ball” Quickly

  • Agility to Stop and Change Direction Quickly

  • Linear Acceleration for Break Away Speed

  • Dynamic Flexibility & Mobility

  • Reaction Time (Visual and Auditory)

  • Lateral Quickness

  • Physical and Mental Toughness

  • Sport Specific Metabolic Conditioning Level

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