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Brandon Rocco

Founder / Owner

Brandon Rocco first started his career in the health and fitness industry while attending college. In 2011 his passion became health and fitness. He started to train friends at school, while playing collegiate rugby and knew this was his found passion. Brandon then earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports and Leisure Management from Eastern Connecticut State University with a concentration in Sports Performance and Sports Management. From there, he became certified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor from AFFA. Brandon has racked up over 30,000 training hours working with clients of all ages and demographics. Whether it be 1 on 1, small group or large group; clients will get the best overall experience every time they walk through that door. Brandon's creative approach to fitness has catapulted him to this point and the creation of Fearless Fitness.   

Brandon's wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry makes the structure and overall workout program at Fearless Fitness, one of the best in Connecticut. Brandon knows how to show clients amazing results focusing on hypertrophy, fat loss, strength/power, and cardio conditioning.

Glenn Marcella

General Manager West Hartford

Glenn Marcella is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and a resident of West Hartford. Marcella is a former exercise researcher and 25 year veteran of the fitness training business. He started The Center Studio in 2003 to offer the community a refreshing alternative to the big-box health clubs. He is known to be an innovative instructor, using unconventional methods to produce dramatic, real-life results. Marcella is known for delivering punishing workouts for his adults yet creates a fun and playful experience at the same time. Mr. Marcella is also a specialist in youth athletic conditioning working with young athletes in soccer, hockey and basketball primarily.

Ian Gotta

Coach (West Hartford / Farmington / Glastonbury)

Ian is a former high school and collegiate wrestler who became an IFA Certified Personal trainer in 2015. He started lifting weights at the age of 13 and fell in love with strength and conditioning. He attended CCSU from 2013 - 2014 and then attended college in Northern Iowa. After going to college he participated in an NPC teen physique competition and placed 4th in his class. His knowledge and coaching style stems from his experience as a martial artist and wrestler.  

Laurie Venora

Coach (West Hartford)

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