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Small Group Training offers the best of both worlds and social dimensions of Group Fitness. With small group training you have the accountability and attention of Personal Training while in a smaller group then our normal large group training classes.


Typical small group training sessions meet for five weeks and 2 times each week with a coach and a small group of peers. Usually 4-6 individuals participate in each individual session that runs 45 minutes in length. 

With our small group training we can individualize the program even more to meet your specific wants, goals and needs without breaking the bank of a 1 on 1 session. With our Fearless small group training we bring together like-minded people who begin together, work together and finish together in pursuit of a common purpose and to achieve individual goals!


Great results cannot be achieved with short cuts or gimmicks. Through state of the art techniques and science, Fearless Fitness combines strength training, cardio conditioning and nutritional guidance for the complete all in one stop fitness solution!

To sign up for small group training, either ask a coach next time your in, or contact us via the button below!

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